John Berndt: Personalization Mechanics, Part 1

John Berndt Interview, Part 1 - Personalization Mechanics

John Berndt is the CEO of The Berndt Group, a national digital agency and leading Sitecore partner located in Baltimore Maryland, specializing in large web site design, personalization, and multi-channel with many large clients and household names.

He is a 25-year digital veteran (1991) with experience on over 400 significant projects; also a national expert on content management systems, personalization, and digital operations. Last but not least, John is the author of a book called “Personalization Mechanics: Targeted Experience for Digital Teams of All Sizes.”

John has been thinking and talking about Personalization for many years and helping large clients wrap their heads around what it takes to be successful with this technology.

Among other things, we discuss in this episode John’s motivation for writing the book, what it takes to be successful with Personalization, who needs to be involved, what organizations should and shouldn’t be thinking about Personalization, and discuss some of the technology as well. John is the author of Personalization Mechanics linked here below (not an affiliate link or anything, just here for your convenience). It’s an excellent book and well worth the read if you are interested or working in this space.

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