Episode 3: Agile Personalization Explained

Hello and welcome to The Personalization Podcast! This is the show about understanding, planning, building and analyzing personalized experiences. I’m your host, Dave Ingram, and today we’re going to be talking about Agile Personalization, or in other words, how you can get the most out of a personalization program and a personalization team in the least amount of time.

Doing personalization well is all about iterating quickly, and that’s what this episode is about. We’ll be borrowing a lot of ideas from the software development space, but FEAR NOT! There’s no deep, technical stuff coming your way. These are straight forward, down to earth principles that you can take and apply to almost any area of your life or business that needs to be more efficient.

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In the News

Smart Refrigerators?

We’ve heard about them for years, and there was a new one revealed last week at CES. It’s got a pretty big touch screen that will run apps so you can look up recipes just like people have been saying for a long time. Maybe no big deal, but one feature that I like is that it will actually send you pictures of what’s inside your fridge when you’re at the store so you can see what you forgot.

Worth the $5000 price tag? probably not, but neat none the less.

What does this have to do with personalization? Well, CES was full of all the other hot new gadgets from wearables to connected homes to self driving cars which should give anyone pause who is thinking in terms of the Web and Email only. The world is changing quickly, and if you’re creating digital experiences, you need to be prepared for it all to be different very soon.

9 Reasons Why Personalized Marketing Still Isn’t Accurate

Information Week - Lisa Morgan

  1. The Data Quality Is Poor
  2. Data Isn’t Integrated
  3. You’re relying too heavily on Legacy Systems
  4. You’re discounting internal data assets
  5. You’re putting too much faith in the wrong data
  6. The analytics used are too basic
  7. You’re relying too much on technology
  8. You think personalization is a marketing problem – “customers expect personalized experiences throughout the lifetime of a relationship with a company”
  9. It’s Still Early Days – “While there’s a debate about the maturity state of the technology, what’s less debated is the need for organizational change.”

Agile Personalization

Key ideas:

  • Iteration and Learning
  • Infinite possibilities when it comes to things you can do
  • Strategy, Goals and Initiatives .. high level and we’ll come back to this
  • Tasks or Stories
    • Where do Stories come from?
  • Prioritization of Stories
  • Sprints or Iterations

I also mentioned Facebook Planout, an open source experimentation framework.

For all of these ideas in written form, look out for a soon to be published blog post on Acquia.com

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