Episode 10: Customer Experience Fundamentals with Melanie Poitras

Building Customer Experience has many challenges. Content Strategy, measurement of business goals and personalizations. I sit down in this episode with Melanie Poitras, a friend and colleague who works with Acquia’s customers to help define and plan their customer experience strategy, often leading up to implementing Personalization.

It’s News to Me

Google Analytics 360 Suite

If there’s one thing that matters this week, it’s Google’s announcement of Analytics 360. This includes 6 different products, 4 of which are brand new: - Google Audience Center 360 (beta) - Google Optimize 360 (beta) - Google Data Studio 360 (beta) - Google Tag Manager 360 - Google Analytics 360 (formerly GA Premium) - Google Attribution 360 (formerly Adometry)

We know less than we’d like at this point, but this is something I’ll be following and reporting on as I learn more.

By Jonathan Crowl > Personalization is still very important, if only to keep pace with the rest of the industry. But to truly champion personalization in your digital marketing strategy, brands must take extra steps to deliver a user experience that is genuinely tailored at the individual level.

Later he continues:

Personalization is cutthroat among brands. There is enormous value in demonstrating to consumers that you know them and understand their needs better than anyone else.

IBM’s Watson solution can reference personality profiles to match their communication style and tone with the type of person being addressed. It can differentiate, as an example, between a retiree and a Millennial, and provide the tone that each group would likely prefer.

Such a solution would be costly and complex to implement, but the value can’t be understated. While such solutions aren’t ready for mass distribution, they highlight the direction brands are going: Personalization knows no bounds.

Email Marketing in 2020

A great resource about the future of Email Marketing .. hint: Personalization is a big part.

One interesting note is that 66% of respondents to a survey say that machine learning, AI and predictive software will determine the majority of the content in marketing emails over time.

Interview with Melanie Poitras

Customer Experience has several pillars, one of which is Personalization. I had the privilege of sitting down with Melanie who talks and thinks about this stuff all day long. Enjoy!

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